I build things for the internet

I’ve been involved in the creation of websites and web applications for over 15 years.

I'm currently working as Head of Frontend Dev at Havas LYNX in Manchester, I started my career as a Web Designer before quickly moving into Front-End Development. Prior to joining Havas LYNX, I worked at McCann Erickson for 3 years (including 1 year setting up their central Manchester ‘Metro’ office).

I joined Havas LYNX as a Senior Front-End Developer and for the last 3 years I have been running a team of 16 Front-End Developers specialising in HTML5, CSS3 and most of all JavaScript, utilising modern build processes such as node, sass, grunt, yeoman, assemble and angular.

I am always looking for emerging technologies to improve the development process with a view to perfecting the full stack front end development workflow.


Recent Posts

Laura Doggett - Phoenix (Christopher Lloyd Rework)

So i've got this mate, Chris, known him a while, we have a lot of really good friends in common ... and as it turns out we have a lot in common generally. Our first real interaction was organising a daytime club night/day born out of Stockholm called Lunchbeat check out this post featuring…
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The Traitor Returns ...

God damn has he returned, without doubt my mix of choice for the end of summer, kicking off with a sneaky Sade edit, Grace Jones ... heading off into a dubby disco recoil ... shades of Italo / Cosmic action ... who can resist a little Janet J finale! Listen to it now ... or later ... just listen! FYI…
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Now listening - May 29th

This is going to be a regular update of music, be it mixes, albums or 12's i've been listening to or buying. First up this is a cracking mix by Will Tramp (Trampmusic on Soundcloud) A great mix of deep dubby disco and pounding vibes. "Featuring Rahaan, Four Tet, Jesse Rose, Dark Sky, Groove…
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Grey City Clothing

Grey City Clothing is a new Manchester based blog with it's own streetware label, the blog covers all things Manc from music and art events in the city to which shops have the latest clobber and sneakers. They have just released the first range of tees that look pretty slick, printed on heavy cotton…
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The Gay Traitor

Anyone that went to the Hacienda 'back in the day' will recognise the image above, it greeted you on the way downstairs to the smaller, hotter, dirtier (if that's even possible) subterranean cocktail bar 'The Gay Traitor'. But to my point, I came across this new mix by John Mccready (who was a Hacienda…
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Neil Alexander

So i was trying to design my new main website ... I really wanted to do a full screen background, on a node server .. all like trendy like right? Needing really high quality, considered, professional and generally awesome images ... they were hard to come by, enter Neil Alexander taken all my requirements in hand and…
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