It begins.

So after much deliberation with Alex Meah I decided to install my first Ghost instance with, mainly to go through the process first hand and also so i'd have something to write as my first blog.

Download Ghost

Thanks to a good friend of mine Farzad Qasim I was able to get my hands on a beta version of Ghost. You can download the package from:

You will need to have node.js v10.x installed with NPM, also GIT (although not needed to run locally)

Once downloaded you will need to unzip the package into a directory, open terminal and CD to that directory. then run the following command in terminal npm install --production and let it do it's stuff.

When it's finished run npm start, all being well this will start Ghost running locally simply go to in your browser and you will see the default Ghost landing page.

To play with your settings type and create your admin account ... hey presto your all set to play with Ghost at home.


The themes are kept in content/themes/ and the default theme is Casper. All the themes use Handlebars which is a templating engine, if your not used to Handlebars there are loads of really good tutorials and a quick Google should sort you out.

If you have used Handlebars before you can dive right in and start customising the look and feel of your blog. time i'll run you through the process of hooking up your local copy of Ghost to the cloudnode service, this will cover using git, sorting out your SSH keys and finally getting your masterpiece out to the masses.


Marvin Speakman

Marvin Speakman

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