I build things for the internet

I’ve been involved in the creation of websites and web applications for over 15 years.

I'm currently working as Head of Frontend Dev at Havas LYNX in Manchester, I started my career as a Web Designer before quickly moving into Front-End Development. Prior to joining Havas LYNX, I worked at McCann Erickson for 3 years (including 1 year setting up their central Manchester ‘Metro’ office).

I joined Havas LYNX as a Senior Front-End Developer and for the last 3 years I have been running a team of 16 Front-End Developers specialising in HTML5, CSS3 and most of all JavaScript, utilising modern build processes such as node, sass, grunt, yeoman, assemble and angular.

I am always looking for emerging technologies to improve the development process with a view to perfecting the full stack front end development workflow.


Recent Posts


Now then, this is an amazing mix by a very talented DJ / Producer sparky (soundcloud ... seriously check his other shit out, it's quality!) A seriously clever mix of mid school in a new school style, fairly deep (not in a traditional fashion) but still beautiful ... props ... …
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Sowing the seeds of love

This is a great Balearic re-edit / re-rub of a tune I loved the first time round, over the last few years I've been playing a couple of the tunes off 'Tales from the big chair' out and about, (Head over Heals is a stone cold classic) but this is quality! For more music and…
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This is an event that myself and Chris Lloyd put on in Manchester, the FIRST Lunchbeat in the UK, if you don't know what Lunchbeat is here is the back story: LUNCHBEAT We had world renound dj's playing over peoples lunch hour (including myself!) and the first 'do' was covered by the national (and…
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Installing Ghost

It begins. So after much deliberation with Alex Meah I decided to install my first Ghost instance with cloudno.de, mainly to go through the process first hand and also so i'd have something to write as my first blog. Download Ghost Thanks to a good friend of mine Farzad Qasim I was able…
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